Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Favourite Stone

Welcome fellow beaders,
I am asked frequently what is my favourite stone? answer is I don't have one, but what I have is a favourite stone that I am working with at the moment. Whether I am purchasing, pricing, labelling or designing what I have in front of me at the moment is definitely my favourite.
When I am designing I tend to start working with just one strand or stone and then the design just sort of grows on its own, quite often on its own due to the fact that my work area can have a few different stones just laying around.. I recently had the opportunity to be in a position to being able to spend days designing with very few interruptions and I started with a relatively expensive strand of beautiful blue chalcedony and these were the final results. I loved this colour combination so much I made four different necklaces with the same colours.

One thing I find a great asset when designing is to have all my beads in boxes (1 level fishing tackle boxes are best) stored by stone/colour. I also like to have my beads priced, by strand and by per bead, supplier codes are also helpful if you wish to re-order.    

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