Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Beading, boating and Barry
My 3 favourite B's
First "B" my husband is definitely my favourite B, married for 34 years, with 3 wonderful children about to become first time grandparents this June, still happy enough said.
Boating, what can I say everyone loves boating, and as we venture off on our annual holiday I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful friends we have made on the water.
So enough of my other loves, this after all a beading blog, but beading on the boat is the best as I always seam to able to create better designs and come up with some nice ideas.
Boat beading also allows me the time to review and revise the website as when I am in the showroom my time is all about stock count, stock ordering, stock pricing and looking after our wonderful customers. This Christmas break I am working on our class format, after the massive response to teaching a knotting class Bead Them Up has decided to ramp up our class schedule and add a whole lot of extra specialty classes. Our FREE CLASSES will remain no charge for tutorials but we will be creating some exciting kits for students to use as sometimes it is very overwhelming when students are expected to create their own design in the first class.
So I am about to embark for 2 lovely weeks with my favorite B's and thought I would share with you.
Happy beading and Merry Christmas from Julie and the team at Bead Them Up

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